Sunday, May 28

From Naturalist Dianna:

What a morning!! I’ve never seen that much feeding activity from whales of multiple species! It was absolutely incredible! Throughout the trip, we could see several whales with their mouths wide open at the same time! Sei and Humpback IMG_6832And not just the typical humpback whales either. We had a couple dozen sei whales!! What a rare treat to not only see these endangered, offshore sei whales but also to witness them feeding at the surface! Sei IMG_6769 Two of our humpback whales were identified as Owl and her newest calf! Owl IMG_7028The calf was really cute, trying to imitate its mom’s feeding behaviors! Owl has been known to have precocious calves. And I almost forgot to mention the largest basking shark I have ever seen was cruising around close to the whales.Cm IMG_6844 Words really can’t describe the trip accurately. This is why we love whale watching! We never know what we will see from day to day and even trip to trip!

So that being said, our afternoon trip was much different! The winds picked up and the whales spread out. We did get a great look at a huge fin whale right alongside the boat! Fin whales are the 2nd largest animal on the planet! So cool!!  Then we saw two humpbacks named Scylla and Quote along with a 3rd unidentified humpback. Quote IMG_7051These two were blowing big clouds of bubbles to trap their prey and came up with their mouths open several times!  Scylla IMG_7075A minke whale was spotted scooting around the area, and as we looked in the distance, even more spouts! It was certainly a different trip from the morning, but again, that is what we expect! Wildlife is wild after all! I love our nature excursions!

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