Friday, June 2, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

Today was an amazing day out on Jeffrey’s Ledge! The weather was perfect for whale watching. We spotted a fin whale first, taking long dives, but our trip really began when we saw a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. We were excited to see some young calves in the group. We traveled another couple miles and found a very productive spot. Plenty of fish, birds, and whales! We watched 12-15 Sei whales lunge feeding along with 4 filtering basking sharks! I have never seen so many sei whales in one area. Image00008

It was so unique to see the whales feeding alongside the sharks.


We could see the mackerel at the surface and watched as gannets dove in for a snack. We got some amazing close looks at the whales feeding and the large basking sharks filtering right next to the boat. We also spotted a minke whale and another fin whale passing through the area. Amazing day!

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