Sunday, June 4, 2017

From Naturalist Laura:

The weather conditions on Jeffreys Ledge made it seems like we could see forever for the morning trip, making it easy to find my first basking shark of the season.  Captain Marc positioned us perfectly to see the shark’s wide open mouth as it skim fed just beneath the surface.  We also got the opportunity to watch three fin whales and a minke whale. One fin whale was identified as “Dingle”, an adoptable whale through Blue Ocean Society. Another might just be a famous Bar Harbor-area whale known as “Lunch” (who is sadly missing most of its fin).


Basking Shark fin

In the afternoon the weather had started to decline making it felt more like November than June, but that has been typical lately.  That did not hamper our ability to find a few hundred Atlantic white sided dolphins and our first humpback of the day, Hornbill, who is also adoptable!.  There were a number of other whales in the area, likely fin whales, but we had too much fun with the dolphins to patiently wait for them to re-surface.




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