Saturday, June 10, 2107

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we traveled to Stellwagen Bank, right before the northwest corner of the bank we found whales! We started our trip watching three individual humpback whales (Gondolier, Nine, and an unknown) traveling in the same area. Gondolier and the unknown whale joined together to deep feed. While watching the pair, two fin whales passed by. We ended our trip with Nile, Tripod, and another unknown traveling together. There was plenty to eat in the area! It was a gorgeous morning out on the water.

This afternoon we started our trip on Stellwagen Bank with great close looks at a large fin whale. The whale surfaced right next to the boat! On our way to sightings of humpback whales in the area we stopped on a basking shark that was filtering at the surface. The shark came right next to the boat, we were lucky to get such close looks! We spent most of the afternoon with a humpback whale named Mogul. He was blowing bubbles and surfaced filtering right next to the boat. We had a couple surprise surfacings from him. We ended our trip with looks at Nile tail breaching. Awesome afternoon!

One Response to “Saturday, June 10, 2107”

  1. Christina Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and a greatly informative and fun trip!