July 2, 2017

From Naturalist Beth

This morning we took a great ride to the edge of Jeffrey’s Ledge where we found Valley and her calf. The calf was active at the surface, tail breaching and flipper slapping during the trip. We were afforded amazing close looks at the pair. It was amazing to see Valley traveling through the area with her calf.

This afternoon we had an amazing trip on southern Stellwagen Bank. Both Dross and Shuffleboard, the humpback whales, were feeding in the area. Dross blew a bubble net right underneath our bow and surfaced right next to the boat. We watched both whales as they continued to feed. On the way home, we spotted an amazing pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. The dolphins were jumping through our boat wake and followed our boat as we moved through the area. It was a perfect way to end an amazing day!

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