July 6, 2017

From Naturalist Laura:

As far as whales go, yesterday was a bit of a slow day, so I had low expectations when I left for work this morning.  However, I was pleasantly surprised on both trips today.  On our first trip, we started with Putter, north of Stellwagen and traveling north.  He was going on long dives (10 minutes) but reliably traveling on a set course and speed which allowed us to easily track him and position ourselves next to him when he surfaced.  We then moved onto Bayou traveling with another humpback I did not recognize.  The passengers were delighted to when they started tail breaching in unison to finish up the first trip of the day.


When we went out for our second trip the wind had increased a bit, which made finding spouts more difficult.  Luckily, when there is a breaching minke whale you don’t need to worry about finding spouts.  The minke whale breached over 100 times in the 30 minutes we watched it.   Humpback whales only breach on about 10% of our trips, but minke whales breach even less.  Usually, I only see one (or if I’m lucky two) breaching minke(s) a year.


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