July 9 and 10

From Naturalist Laura:

We had to put in a lot of effort, but we were rewarded.  The last two days have been great for watching humpbacks.  Granted, you have to be willing to go for a long ride, but it is summer time, and long boat rides are what we do!  Hancock’s calf is quite the fluker.  Most calves, at this point in the season, don’t fluke very often, if at all.  But, Hancock’s calf flukes on almost every dive.  We have spent most of the last few trips with a group that includes Venom, Hancock and her calf, Mend, and sometimes Jabiru joins them, as well.  But, the sightings do not stop there; we also had Pele, Othello, Northstar, Shuffleboard, and Bounce, and a few more I’m still trying to match to the catalog.



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