July 16

From Naturalist Beth:

We had an AMAZING morning out on the water! The weather was perfect for whale watching, the seas were calm and the sun was out. We arrived on the southern end of Stellwagen Bank to find about 10-12 humpback whales. We started the trip with looks at Pele and Bristle surfacing from right underneath our boat. The calm seas allowed us to get some incredible looks at the whales as they swam right next to our boat. Firefly and her calf along with Spirit were also in the area. The adults were deep feeding while the calf stayed at the surface.

This afternoon was gorgeous out on the water. We watched about 10 humpback whales including a trio of females, Salt, Touchdown, and Habanero. The trio was feeding beneath the surface. We also had Firefly and Bolide traveling with their calves. It’s always nice to watch the next generation of humpback whales out on the feeding grounds.

Images to come soon!

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