July 18

This morning’s fog burned off nicely for our afternoon trip to Stellwagen Bank where we found some humpback whales. Our first sighting was that of Firefly and her calf. This calf started off by repeatedly tail-breaching, throwing it’ posterior end out of the water repeatedly while Firefly was underwater somewhere.


A third whale came into the area and then was gone as fast as it appeared so we watched this pair calmly swim along side the boat for a while.

Then we moved away and found another pair of humpback whales. This was finally confirmed to be Bolide and her calf. This calf is huge, and was making us guess as to just what we were looking at.  Near the end of our time with them we watched in awe as the calf breached 3 times! Beautiful!!!  Such a lovely afternoon on the ocean.


But the fun didn’t stop there! On our way home we encountered a squall (lots of wind and rain) but it was brief and a little fun since there was no lightning involved.  We never know what adventures a boat trip will bring!  The sun came out and we even got a glimpse of a rainbow as we approached the harbor.


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