Aug 1, 2017

From Naturalist Beth

This morning we traveled to the southwestern corner of Stellwagen Bank. There we started off our trip with two humpback whales traveling together, Coral and Mayo. The pair was staying down on longer dives so we moved on to watch two mother/calf pairs, Cajun and her calf along with Canopy and her calf. The two pairs were traveling separately towards deeper water, but we were able to get some amazing close looks at all four whales near the boat. Jabiru, Eruption, and Pele were also deep feeding in the area.

This afternoon on our way to the southern end of Stellwagen Bank we spotted two humpback whales breaching! It turned out to be Cajun and her calf! They had traveled about 6 miles northeast since we had spotted them this morning. The calf was very active at the surface, breaching right next to our boat. The calf began lobtailing and flipper slapping near our bow. We were so lucky this afternoon!

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