Aug 11, 2017

From Naturalist Rebeca:

This morning we had a slow start and found a lone humpback whale IDed as Nuages! Nuages means clouds in French, for some white puffy spots on its fluke. Although it was by itself, the calm ocean conditions gave us some fantastic looks at the humpback. You could see its entire body right below the water surface.

The afternoon trip took us to the same area where 1 blow turned into 3! We have a trio made up of Salt, Columbia, and Fern! I had personally never seen Salt so it was an honor to see the first humpback ever named. What was interesting (and in a way funny) was that all these whales were seen for the first time in the 70’s and 80’s and all have lots of calves! It was just a couple of moms hanging out! They all have over 10 calves and Salt and Columbia both have grandkids too.

The trio stayed at the surface for a while, came close to the boat, and gave us beautiful looks at their flukes! It was a beautiful afternoon and we really enjoyed the company of these three humpbacks!

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