Aug 13, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we found whales on the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. We started off the trip watching Pitcher feeding. She was blowing bubbles, we could even see her filtering out the saltwater on a few looks! There was another single humpback whale in the area feeding as well. We found a whale logging on the surface that quickly went down on a dive when we arrived. But surfaced again tail breaching! The whale tail breached, flipper slapped, and spent a lot of time belly up. We were even able to take photographs of this whale belly up and discovered that she is a female humpback whale. Female humpback whales have a hemispherical lobe on their underside down by their tails, a physical feature that is absent in males. It was a great morning out on the water.

This afternoon we found Glo-stick and her calf feeding on the southern end of Stellwagen Bank. It was amazing to watch this young calf practice feeding on fish. The calf has been reliant on Glo-stick’s milk throughout the summer but will start to feed on solid food towards the end of the season. Glo-stick was blowing bubbles to corral the fish, shortly after both she and her calf surfaced in the bubble cloud. We moved on to watch a trio of humpback whales including Samara. Both Samara and Glo-stick were born to the same female, Scylla, 11 years apart! The trio was traveling through the area. It was a perfect day for whale watching!

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