Aug 14, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we traveled far down on the southern end of Stellwagen Bank and found 6 different humpback whales. We started off with Ursa and her calf traveling with an unknown individual. Ursa was first sighted here in 1984, so she is at least 33 years old! The three stayed at the surface for over 20 minutes! We were able to get some amazing looks at the three whales right next to our boat. We spotted another single humpback whale and another mother, Reflection, and her calf. We stayed with the pair for a few minutes before heading back to Gloucester.

This afternoon, the whales we found 15 different humpback whales! They were all deep feeding. We spotted Tectonic, Piano, Milkweed, and Eruption to name a few. We watched as two pairs of whales joined to make a group of four right next to our boat. There was a whale flipper slapping in the area as well as a whale breaching off in the distance. It was a gorgeous afternoon out on the water!

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