Tuesday, August 29

Today we departed at 11:00 and headed north to Jeffrey Ledge. Although we were never actually on the Ledge itself, we found lots of fun activity. A huge fin whale was seen just off of Gloucester/Rockport. This was #0932, a whale first seen in 2009!


We passed by a few small pods of harbor porpoises before seeing a group of four humpback whales! These whales were pretty mellow but we did see a couple of tail flicks from Pinball (adoptable through Blue Ocean Society)!  Image00043

Jabiru (featured on Blue Ocean Society’s current shirts and sweatshirts) was with the group as was Spoon (some of you know her as Bilbo, but I can’t bear to say that over the PA system…) and Gunslinger.  Image00062Image00072Image00119

It was really cool to watch the group surface in nearly the same formation each time, though Gunslinger wasn’t always with the ladies. After watching this group for a bit, we headed home but just as we were leaving, a harbor seal pup surfaced close by! Image00130

Wonderful day with beautiful scenery of the north shore coastline!

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