Saturday, Sept 16

From Naturalist Beth:

There are few words that can describe this morning! We started our trip with looks at a large ocean sunfish! Nearby, we watched a fin whale traveling. Through the fog we saw a single humpback whale lunge feeding at the surface. A couple miles away we found Cajun and her calf. The calf started breaching when we arrived and continued to breach for 45 minutes! Cajun even breached a few times herself. Cajun surfaced right underneath our bow while the calf breached right next to us. Passengers on the bow actually got wet! In between the breaches, Cajun and her calf were lunge feeding together. Unfortunately, Cajun’s calf is still entangled. You could clearly see the line trailing from her mouth. It was a sobering reminder of the threats that these whales face.

This afternoon the fog moved back in and we were lucky to find 6 humpback whales only 4 miles outside of the harbor! Shuffleboard and Geometry were traveling together. We also had Daffodil, Pleats, and A Plus deep feeding. A fourth unknown whale joined the group at the end of our trip, bringing our total to 6. We also spotted 2 minke whales, and ocean sunfish, and a great pod of harbor porpoise! We had a great afternoon!

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