Saturday, Oct 7

Whales have been really close to Gloucester lately!  This makes for trips with lots of time on whales and less traveling time! Today, in spite of foggy conditions to start with, we found 8 humpback whales and one minke whale. Humpbacks included were Dross, Circuit, Clipper, Bayou, Ravine, Owl and her calf.  OWL is one of Blue Ocean Society’s adoptable whales and although she and her calf were a bit hard to keep track of among all the other whales, we did get a couple of looks at the pair. The calf is around 10 months old and should be on its own pretty soon!  Best of luck, little whale!Owl and calf


One Response to “Saturday, Oct 7”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I was on the trip today. It was exciting and educational. Thank you so much for a fun day.