Saturday, Oct 21

From Naturalist Lauren

What a beautiful and mild autumn day out on the water today! We didn’t have to venture far off shore to see our first pair of humpback whales. These two whales (one of which we believe to be a whale named Bayou) were leisurely hanging out at the surface near our boat while going down on short dives periodically. We even had Bayou show her unique tail while going down on a dive right next to the bow of our boat. What an amazing site to see!

We eventually ventured on when we saw some tail lobbing and flipper slapping in the distance. Unfortunately, these very active whales calmed down by the time we reached them but we were able to find two other whales close by. We were able to get some great looks of this second pair of humpback whales as they surfaced together.

We continued to see more spouts or blows in the distance and so we decided to investigate! We then came across 4 different humpback whales that were paired off (unfortunately my camera died at this point of the trip (oops!) and I was unable to get any photographs of these four). We bounced from one pair of whales to the other as these whales were travelling through our area and going down for 10+ minute dives! After getting some great last looks at one of these pairs, we eventually began travelling back to Gloucester Harbor.

In all, we saw at least 10 humpback whales today out on the water! We wonder what we’ll see next before the whale watching season comes to a close!

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