Saturday May 26, 2018

This morning we headed out about 17 miles to mid bank on Stellwagen and had 2 blows in the distance.   One of the blows was a long diving humpback that stayed down for 12 + minute dives.  We eventually met up with a humpback identified as NAHWC 0875.  This whale was bubble feeding at depth.  We watched as his bubbles rose to the surface followed by the whale lunging sideways with his left pectoral flipper in the air.  The whale did this repeatedly and eventually used the boat as cover to help corral fish.  This gave everyone on the boat fantastic views.

NAHWC 0875

Humpback flipper

This afternoon, we headed out to the SW corner of Stellwagen Bank towards reports of a “pile’ of whales.  The pictures don’t do this trip justice. As we approached we had a small group of Atlantic white sided dolphins who were not super cooperative.  Moving farther south we met up with a slightly larger group of dolphins and then saw blows everywhere in front of us.  We spent most of the time with a group of 5 or 6 humpback whales who were feeding cooperatively at depth and diving and surfacing in synchrony.  We had a mother, Venom, and her calf in this group and got just awesome looks at the whales.  The calf would randomly pop up even once surfacing right in front of the adults causing them to put the emergency brake on to avoid a collision.  As we stayed with this group we had whales everywhere around us.  We got a glimpse at one or two minke whales, a few grey seals, and literally hundreds of Atlantic white sided dolphins.  This trip was just extraordinary with amazing looks at 4 different species of marine mammals.

Three humpback whales



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