Wed, June 13, 2018

From Naturalist Dianna:

After several whale watching trips to Stellwagen Bank in the past couple weeks, we decided to change things up and head north to Jeffreys Ledge.  There we found two humpback whales. One was blowing bubble clouds while the other was moving around erratically. One of humpbacks was Clamp, a female born in 1990!


We then found a small group of Atlantic white sided dolphins (about 25) who were tracking with a huge fin whale!


To my surprise, the fin whale was an old friend, Ladder!  I had first seen Ladder back in 1996, but his first documentation was in 1981!!  Ladder is named for the distinctive propeller scar on his right side that resembles the rungs of a ladder.


Sometimes, getting great looks at a fin whale can be tricky as they can move quickly and turn on a dime. Today, however, we really lucked out since the dolphins were always right above the whale (maybe scavenging on some of his escaped lunch). All we had to do was keep track of the dolphins, and Ladder would show up right in the middle of the pod! Fantastic day!   You can actually adopt Ladder,  or one of his friends, through the Blue Ocean Society, with all proceeds helping the non-profit organization to continue their studies of these amazing creatures!


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