July 7, 2018

This morning we traveled to the southern end of Jeffreys Ledge. We started off our trip with some amazing looks at a fin whale traveling right next to the boat. There were a few minke whales traveling through the area as well. We spotted Pinball in the area along with Doublet and Satula. As if the trip couldn’t get any better, we spotted Atlantic white-sided dolphins about a mile away from us. We ended our trip watching Satula and Pinball. While waiting for the pair, we saw a harbor seal right next to our boat. That means we saw 5 different marine mammal species this morning! Amazing day!

This afternoon on our way to Jeffreys Ledge we started with amazing looks at a fin whale moving through the area. We spotted a couple minke whales in the area as well. We watched Satula and Nine traveling with another individual. We got some amazing close looks at the pair logging (taking a nap) right next to our boat. It’s always amazing to see two whales interacting with each other. 3 species day this afternoon!

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