Saturday, July 14, 2018

From Naturalist Beth

This morning we covered a lot of ground on Jeffreys Ledge. We spotted 4 different minke whales and 2 fin whales! Closer to shore in Ipswich Bay we found 2 humpback whales, Clamp and Hornbill. Clamp was doing some feeding right next to the boat. Our Captain, Marc, brought us back to Gloucester Harbor through the Annisquam River. This morning was a whale watch turned sightseeing cruise! Passengers were treated to a beautiful ride back to Gloucester.

This afternoon brought us to the southwestern corner of Stellwagen Bank! Which means our boat traveled from the coast of New Hampshire in the morning to Cape Cod in the afternoon. There we found about 6 different humpback whales! We spent our time with Doublet, Freckles, Draco, and Cardhu. Freckles and Draco were traveling together and surfaced right next to our boat! One of our last looks of the day was Draco coming up out of the water with a huge open mouth! Great afternoon out on the water!

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