Sunday, July 15, 2018

From Naturalist Beth

This morning we traveled back to Ipswich Bay where we found two female humpback whales, Nine and Milkyway, taking a little snooze. The whales stayed at the surface, our Captain Marc was able to turn off our engines and give our passengers a nice, quiet look at the pair. We also found the male humpback whale, Hornbill, in the area as well. He was taking longer dives. We also had a minke whale pass by our boat too! We were treated to another ride through Annisquam River this morning! Our passengers have been very lucky the last couple days!

This afternoon we started off our trip with Atlantic white-sided dolphins! We don’t see dolphins on every trip, even though they are always a favorite. This particular species tends to spend more time offshore in the cooler waters. We also saw the humpback whales, Nine and Milkyway, relaxing again this afternoon. We traveled back to Gloucester close to both Straitsmouth and Thatcher Islands giving our passengers an incredible look at the beautiful Cape Ann shoreline.

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