Wed, July 18, 2018

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we traveled to the southern end of Jeffreys Ledge. There we found two humpback whales, Nine and Milkyway, both females. The whales spent the majority of the trip resting at the surface, at one point deciding to orient their behaviors towards the Miss Cape Ann. Close to boat behavior is one of the rarest behaviors we see from these humpback whales. The passengers could easily tell how excited the crew was. We got some amazing close looks at Nine as she hung right underneath our bow, fluking so close to us it almost seemed like she was going to touch the boat. These whales have an amazing sense of where the boats are, they are always very aware of our location, but rarely decide to come that close. Perfect morning out on the water!

This afternoon we found Nine and Milkway again in the same area. The females continued to rest at the surface. Nine surfaced right next to our boat multiple times, definitely attempting to grab a closer look at us. It’s always an amazing day when the whale watch turns into a “people watch!” Nine and Milkyway hung right next to our boat for several minutes, giving us some incredible looks! At the end of the trip, Nine tail breached twice! We ended up seeing two of the rarest behaviors that we see out on the water this afternoon. Lucky day indeed!

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