Friday, July 20, 2018

From Naturalist Kayla:

This morning we spent a good amount of time with a pod of 30 or more Atlantic white sided dolphins. The water was so clear this morning, that we were able to see the dolphin’s white and yellow coloration through the surface of the water. At one point, there were dolphins surrounding the boat on both sides, it was incredible. We then moved on to see a male humpback whale named Hornbill. Hornbill was blowing bubble clouds and feeding beneath the surface. He took very short dives and gave the crowd some great looks, close to the boat. Throughout the whole trip we also had a baby harbor seal following our boat.

The afternoon trip was just as exciting as the morning. We were able to spend time on a finback whale, who surfaced very close to the boat. We moved on from the finback whale to spend time with a group of three female humpback whales, who have been seen together the past couple of weeks. At one point all three, Clamp, Milkyway and Nine were associating, but Clamp then split and started feeding on her own. She did some tail flicks and slapped the surface of the water, diving down, then surfacing with a mouth full of saltwater and fish. It was very unique to see that type of feeding behavior. Milkyway and Nine were also feeding together, using a technique called bubble clouds. We were able to get amazing looks at the under side of their flukes, and the crowd loved it.

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