Wed, Aug 1, 2018

This morning we traveled back to Ipswich Bay in search of whales. There we found Pinball, the humpback whale, taking short dives but traveling quickly through the area. She came up right next to the boat, giving passengers a great look! We went for a ride through the area and found a minke whale that surfaced right next to our boat. Minke whales tend to be more elusive but this one hung right around our boat. Back towards Gloucester we found a large pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! There were many calves in this group it was so great to see them traveling right beside their mothers. While enjoying the dolphins, Habanero’s calf started tail breaching nearby. We finished out our trip with great looks at some other humpback whales that had moved into the area along with the pod of dolphins.

This afternoon we spent our trip with Habanero the humpback whale and her calf. The calf continuously breached for almost an hour! The calf displayed a variety of breaching behaviors: tail breaching, chin breaching, and flipper breaching. Habanero was born in 2000 to Pepper, one of the first humpback whales ever named! There were also a few other humpback whales in the area taking longer dives. It was a great afternoon out on the water!

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