Tues, Aug 7, 2018

This morning Captain Dave and I went on a hunch and our plan paid off, we found Pinball, the humpback whale! She was coming up right next to our boat, giving us some incredible looks at her impressive size. We decided to go for a ride through the area and got a report of another humpback whale, Geometry, nearby. As soon as we arrived he started breaching! He breaching 5 times right next to our boat! Right as we began to leave he started flipper slapping. Breaching is a behavior we would always love to see but certainly don’t see on every trip. It was a great morning!

This afternoon we found a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins to start off our trip. This was a very active pod, many individuals were breaching and tail slapping right next to the boat. We traveled through the area and found Pinball. She was taking short dives and coming up right next to the boat. We also spotted a minke whale in the area. You could not have asked for a better afternoon out on the water.

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