Sun, Aug 12, 2018

This morning we traveled back to the same general area where we found whales more recently. As we were arriving in the area we spotted about 4-5 different spouts. We started off our trip with Dross and her calf traveling with Nile’s 2013 calf. In the area we also found Pinball and Mogul. Pinball engaging in some surface activity, while Mogul passed by. Even more amazingly, we spotted a pod of Common dolphins! These dolphins, we rarely see in this area. It was a perfect morning out on the water.

This afternoon we found Echo and Milkyway, the humpback whales. Just before the fog rolled in we found Mogul and Geometry traveling together. Just as these whales split from each other, Geometry started breaching. It was amazing to see an adult humpback whale jump clear out of the water by us! WOW!

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