What our customers are saying…

As you know if you have come on our whale watch, our tickets also act as comment cards for the trip.  This lets us know how you found out about us, what you thought about the trip, and how long/where your staying in town.  It also helps us know what we can improve on in future seasons.  We get such great compliments throughout the season from people that I thought I should share.

“Great! One thing off my bucket list.  Very informative!” – Sue E. 9/26

“It was a fantastic trip and a great experience”- Cornelia R. 9/29

“We really enjoyed the trip, found the guides knowledgeable and approachable.  Would definitely recommend!”- Amy H. 9/5

Also, thanks to Lucille for sending us pictures from her trip of an ocean sunfish and a humpback right next to our boat on 9/20/09:

WW Gloucester 9 20 2009 031


WW Gloucester 9 20 2009 050

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