Seasons coming to an end…

Although we are still whale watching, we probably won’t get out too many more times the rest of this season.  Today and yesterday were the first trips we have been on since last Thursday because of the weekend Nor’easter.  The waves around here last weekend were HUGE! I wish I had pictures… 

Today on the whale watch they saw 2 humpbacks ( Colt and Clothesline), a few harbor porposes and 3 grey seals( two of which escorted us off the dock at the beginning of the trip)! 

Comments from today:

Very enjoyable with great crew.  Continuous narration by Kelly was very interesting!”- Rita R.

“I love Colt! I want to see him in my next trip with Captain Bill :) ”- Zheng Z.

“We had a wonderful time and we’ll be back next spring.”- Rita S.

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a seal pup from one of last years trips

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