All done

If you haven’t discovered already, unfortunately we are all done with regularly scheduled whale watches for the season.  Our last trip was on October 30th 2009.  Below are pictures from this trip…including one of 3 harbor seals we saw this day!

Harbor Seal

Whale Watch 1402

Still plenty of activity out on Jeffrey’s Ledge though!  If you missed our last post, during a few months in the fall/winter, the researchers from the WNCE do right whale surveys from our boat, the Miss Cape Ann.  (for more info please look at our last posting from Nov. 4th) They usually do 2 surveys per week and have actually been very successful!  They are conducting one today so we do not have the results yet.  However, between the last two they were did, they saw about 35-40 right whales.  They saw some mother/calf pairs as well, which is always encouraging when your looking at a species that only has about 350 left of its kind!  Very odd-looking though..




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