Memorial Day weekend 2010

Great sightings this weekend–But boy are the whales making us for for it.. The past few weeks the whales have moved further south towards Provincetown, which makes for a little longer of a trip, but it has been worth it every time! There has been a lot of feed for them out there so we have been lucky to have open mouth and kick feeding on a good amount of our trips!

Here are some comments from our fortunate customers:

“Fantastic! More than I could hope for and so informative. I was so impressed! thank you :) ”- JoAnn, Salem MA

“Loved the abudance of whales!”- Trevor, Boston MA

” Excellent! Best Whale Watch we have been on. My son loves whales + this was a great experience!”- Jacqueline, Coventry CT

“Amazing to see the whales so close!”- Natalie, Bronx NY

Also here are some pictures taken by one of our repeat customers Mandy Houston. Thanks Mandy!















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