Which feeding ground to go to?


For those of you who haven’t heard in the whale community, basically the entire month of August a big concentration of humpback whales have been hanging around the coast of Provincetown and Cape Cod, almost 30 miles away from the coast of Gloucester.  We have been making the trip down there, sometimes twice a day, making a 5 hour trip on some days.  Even though it makes for a longer trip, it has definitely been worth it with the sightings we have been encountering. Lots of open mouth feeding, deep feeding, calf activity, and social interactions. However recently, the humpbacks have been a little more spread apart down on Stellwagen, so we began to search elsewhere. For the past week or two the Miss Cape Ann went up to Jeffrey’s Ledge for a few trips and had a lot of luck! Here we have been seeing sei whales, humpbacks, fin whales, minke whales, and right whales! Every trip is different and the length of your trip if you are planning to go this season will all depend on what feeding ground the captain decides to go to that day. Whereever he decides to go though im sure you will have some great whale experiences! Book now before the season ends. Our season runs from May thru October.

Thanks to Mandy Houston, one of our most loyal customers, for these incredible pictures she sent us yesterday. They are from 8/17, 8/29, and 9/6.


 Cajun’s calf, if you look closely you can see the eye!


Double Fluke! This is Cajun & Milkweed.


A social gathering of humpback whales.


The humpback whale named Sloop. Notice the size difference of Sloop and the picture of the Cajun’s calf. You can see Sloop’s eye as well.


Circuit’s calf rolls belly up at the surface.


Barb open-mouth feeding at the surface. This picture really shows the baleen of a humpback whale.  If you look closely you can see the sandeels jumping out!


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