10/11/10 trip

Lots of sightings from yesterday’s (Columbus day) whale watch  The trip started out far up north on Jeffrey’s Ledge.  A seal was spotted before we even got out of the harbor!  Throughout the trip there were many humpbacks identified, including: Tornado, Scylla, Trident, Bilbo, Nile, Victim, Patchwork, Chromosome, and Wizard.  There was also an unidentified mother/calf pair. All the whales were traveling along, some logging/ resting.  Some surprise activity came when Trident tail breached and Nile gave a big Lob-tail.  Other sightings for this trip also included 75-100 Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins and 10-15 Harbor porpoise! Great trip!

We are still going out on whale watches, weather and people permitting. 

Please make sure to make a reservation if thinking of coming, just in case we get unexpected bad weather and have to cancel right before a trip.

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