Sightings update from this weekend 5/21+5/22

Finally, after 2 1/2 weeks of the “start” of our season, we got out on our first whale watch. On Saturday we were almost defeated by fog.  All together we saw a small pod of white sided dolphins and a few minke whales. Kind of a rough start to the weekend.  Sunday went a little better.  We were very excited to see 7 humpbacks (some feeding), a few minke whales, a fin whale and white sided dolphins! In the end I would say it was a successful weekend. Hopefully those sightings will get better as HOPEFULLY the weather gets better.  Everyone at Capt. Bills is about to go into a deep depression if we don’t see sun for a prolonged period of time. :(

However, these pictures from the trips did cheer me up…


will add more pics as i receive them…

Also received more BEST WHALE WATCH pictures from Elaine…Thanks Elaine! Good to know someones paying attention to our blog! :)

Elaine says “All of these are from our whale watching trips in 2008; 2008 was our first full year of whale watching with Captain Bill’s and we crammed in as much as we could.  We’re hoping to do that again this year so we’re hoping the season gets under way soon!”

best whale watch 1

best whale watch 2

best whale watch 3

best whale watch 4

best whale watch 5

best whale watch 6

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