5 species day!!

What a great weekend for whale watch sightings! Since there hasn’t been a lot of activity at all on Stellwagen Bank, our  latest whale watching trips have been going to Jeffrey’s Ledge, a feeding ground that extends from Cape Ann, Massachusetts to Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Wednesday 6/8 we saw 3 fin whales, a basking shark, and a few humpbacks, including Sedge, Spar & calf, Owl, Pinball ( who gave us a big breach!), Quote, and one unknown humpback. This whale watch was filled with activity including lots of bait at the surface, some bubble feeding, deep feeding and filter feeding.

basking shark

humpback fluke

If you were on Thursdays 6/9 trip you would be lucky enough to be a part of our 5 species day!! This day we encountered numerous humpback whales, finback whales, minke whales, a basking shark, and white sided dolphins!

white sided dolphins

basking dorsal fin

On Friday 6/10 , we had two very successful whale watches… in the morning we saw about 5 basking sharks, Trident & calf, Gondelier, a few other humpbacks, a fin whale, and a few minke whales, the PM whale watch saw a few humpbacks deep feeding, including Sedge, Gondolier, and HWC#0050(hasn’t been named yet) .

humpback blowhole

Saturday 6/11 AM we saw a basking shark, 50-75 white sided dolphins, a few humpbacks bubble feeding, including Dross and Sedge and in the PM we saw a basking shark, 30-50 white sided dolphins, 7 fin whales together (pretty cool!) and a humpback breaching, flipper slapping, and a head breach– with another humpback in the distance possibly breaching in response! Totally awesome!

tail breach

filter feeding

Thanks to Elaine W. for your great pictures, you won the free trip for the MAY photo contest! See Jodi or Jackie next time you come in for your whale watch :)

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  1. jackie Says:

    Great pics by Ray!!