Holiday weekend sightings report

What an exciting last week it has been on the water!  The humpbacks have been a little scattered and a little further away but they are definitely there, active and feeding! (which is a very good sign)

Some of the humpbacks we have recently identified have been Diablo, Sloop, Hornbill, Nile, Sedge, Satula, and Sabot & calf.  We have also been getting some of the best looks at fin whales than we have in a long time and having lots of white sided dolphin sightings!!

On the AM trip yesterday 7/6,  we were pleasantly surprised with a little show from Hornbill when he started breaching, head breaching, lob tailing and tail breaching!

Comments from our customers :

7/2/11- “Great whale watching, thanks for staying out until the whales were close. Capt. Bill would be proud of the Captain and his crew. Thanks again!” Steve B. Bellows Falls,VT

7/4/11 – “Happy we got to see whales. Commentary was informative + well done- very professional.” Fran C. Park Ridge, NJ

” Great trip. Sabot’s calf stole the show!” Mandy H. Bedford NH

7/6/11- ” When I saw the breaching I thought my heart would stop. It was so beautiful!” Giulia P. Burlingame, CA

“Loved the trip- great info- glad it is part of a study” Carol B. New Castle, DE

And some more trips from one of our return customers Mandy… in case you all need a visual of what you missed if you haven’t been able to join us yet for the Best Whale Watch in New England! Photos are of white sided dolphins, Sabot’s active calf and photos of Gloucester Harbor.

white sided dolphins







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