Weekend sightings update

Recent sightings update for this past weekend…

7/15/11- AM whale watch we saw humpbacks Jabiru and Glo-stick deep feeding and a few minke whales. PM whale watch saw humpbacks Echo, Tectonic, Habenero, Pumba, Springboard all deep feeding, as well as Ganesh & calf and a few minke whales.

7/16/11- AM whale watch saw a unidentified juvenile humpback and identified Habenero and Ganesh & calf- calf was playing, rolling around and tail slashing (see facebook page for a customer’s video of it!..pictures also) PM whale watch identified Echo, Tectonic, Jabiru, Alphorn, and Pele all deep feeding.

Ganesh Calf

Ganesh Calf_2

I didn’t get a whale report yet from yesterday 7/18 but i do have some pictures from the morning and afternoon trips from both Elaine W. and our mate took a few as well.. Thanks guys!




close to boat


Whale Watch 3 1058

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