July 23 + July 24th whale watches

If you had the chance to whale watch with us this weekend, you are witness to some unbelievable whale watching!  Sundays trips had 30+ humpbacks… including Pogo, Tracer, Putter, Strike, Thumper, Abrasion, Peninsula, Dracula, Infinity, Ampersand, Etch-a-sketch, Epee, Exclaim, Colt, Salt, Centipede, Jabiru, Milkweed, Cajun, Tear, Lariat, Rocker, Bounce, Greenbean, Tunguska, Swallowtail, Reflection, Persied, Coral, Echo, Circuit and more! For activity they saw bubble feeding and kickfeeding, plus other humpbacks and minke whales in the area!

Some comments from our satisfied customers this weekend:

“Best whale watch I have ever been on- I’ve been on many.” – Kathy C. Beverly MA

“Impressive + Fun! You can tell the naturalist loves what she does!”- Amanda L. Woburn MA

“Very interesting + educational. Your crew made my day. I will tell all of my friends. Thanks again”- Gary C. Syracuse NY

“It was awesome! The highlight of our vacation!” Linda S. Stafford VA

I also have tons of pictures people have sent to me for the blog.. I had a very hard time picking out which ones to put up because they are all incredible!

Thanks Warren Disbrow for the following exceptional shots from our boat on Sat 7/23!!!

Surfacing Along Side_9257

Feeding Kick_5983

Open Wide_6244

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