Pics from 7/24/11 whale watches

Whales are still a little further away (which makes for a 4-5 hour trip), but what unbelievable sightings lately!! Yesterdays morning trip saw kick feeding, breaching, tail breaching, flipper slapping and a close to boat visit from Venom’s calf!  The afternoon trip was lucky enough to see just about every breach you can imagine- head breaches, full breaches, spinning head breaches, tail breaching, and saw an extremely active humpback, Longboard, breach 92 times!!!!!! What a show!

Comments from this weekend:

“Wonderful (3rd in 3 weeks) informative- friendly- careful of whales and one at end was great!! Thanks!!”- Laura D. Gloucester MA

“It was beyond my expectations. Fabulous. Our guide was a well-informed expert”- Kiera W. Brooklyn NY

“This is my favorite whale watching trip I went on. I’ve never been so close to the whales or seen them breach”- Kathryn C. Chichester NY

“Well documented, efficient, friendly + wonderful watch!”- Claire B Mamers, France

“A fantastic opportunity to witness humpback behaviors. Great to have the info” Moira W. Tottenham, ON

Thanks again to one of our #1 fans Mandy Houston for the unbelievable pics from 7/24/11…

humpback congregation

open mouth feeding

filter feeding

open mouth


group humpbacks

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