Unbelievable Sightings!

Glad to say we are still going strong with lots of great, successful whale watch trips! Just yesterday we saw 10-12 humpbacks on our morning trip, including Cajun, Bolide & calf, Pumba, Hancock, Firefly, and Condensation..with close to boat activity, rolling over, flipper slapping, and a big BREACH right next to the boat! The afternoon trip yesterday also saw 10-12 humpbacks including Cajun, Pele, Milkweed, Eruption, Hancock, Pumba, Aerospace, Alegra, and Perseid.

Some comments from yesterday’s tour:

“It was really cool seeing all of the whales in person. It was especially cool to see the whale jump out of the water!” Daniel N.

“Excellent. very well organized & gave us a fantastic experience of whale watching” Paul P. UK

“Weather was great, whales had put on a great show!”- Yolanda F. Winslow, AZ

“Amazing! To hear the whales and see them up close easily brought tears to my eyes.” Sunshine F. Vernon, NJ

Some recent pics taken by Ray

Whale Watch 3 1541

Whale Watch 3 1539

Whale Watch 3 1509

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