Humpbacks on the move

For the past month and a half we have been traveling down to the southern tip of Stellwagen for great sightings, large feeding groups, and exciting activity. The whales have spoiled our customers rotten! It now seems the past few days the whales have  separated and moved a little further down South. Still great sightings though!

Yesterdays trip had an awesome afternoon on Stellwagen Bank. We saw breaching, lobtailing, and flipper slapping. We also saw a couple minke whales, and some bluefin tuna, one of them coming completely out of the water. Whales ID’d were Canopy and calf.

Check out some pics from Sunday’s morning whale watch from our mate:


A humpback’s double blowhole

Whale Watch 3 1785

Double fluke shot!

And some more from our customers Mandy and Doreen from Sunday as well:


Tail breach from a humpback named Snare


Fluke shot. (Notice the glowing pectoral flippers in the water!)

double fluke

Partial double fluke shot


An ominous rain storm! what a cool pic!

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  1. Jessica Says:

    Marine mammals evolved from a terrestrial carnivorous mammalian ancestor, both through convergent and parallel evolution, but does the presence of dorsal fins on some whales contradict this widely known belief?