If you love whales, “Like” our Facebook page!

If you love whales, love Capt. Bills, love our Facebook page….show it!

Want to see up to date pics from our daily whale watch adventures?? “Like” our business page on Facebook, where you can see daily updates on recent sightings, whale watch pictures and flukes, and even a few scenic Gloucester pics. Our goal is to get 300 likes by the end of the season.. so “like” away! (they haven’t made a “love” button yet on FB for some of our diehard whale watchers, but when they do you can “love” us) :)

Have any pictures from your amazing whale watch with us? Tag us in them! Our friend page is under Captbills whale watch.


Capt. Bill’s Fall Whale Watch Schedule


Mon-Fri- 11 AM

Weekends- 9 AM & 2 PM


Sun-Fri- 10 AM

Saturdays- 1 PM

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