Harbor Seals

Harbor seals seem to be year round residents of Gloucester harbor. Adults can grow up to 6 feet and weight up to 300 lbs! If you ever sit along the beaches/surroundings of the inner harbor or in coves all around Cape Ann,  you are most likely to catch a glimpse of one of these precious marine mammals.  If you do happen to see one on a beach however, please keep you distance. Why? Read this article from the Whale Center’s site for many reasons to stay far away.

Unfortunately in the past year there has been a string of mysterious seal deaths from Massachusetts up to Maine, the cause possibly from a rare flu.  For more info on the story see this December article fom the boston globe.

The seal pups are even cuter than the adults, which you are more likely to see in the spring/early summer. Luckily our friend Ray has snapped a few pictures for us so we can share it on our blog! Enjoy!



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