About the Capt.’s Blog

Welcome to Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watch’s new spot on the Internet, Capt.’s Blog.

So, what is the point of Capt.’s Blog? We decided it was time to launch this blog because Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watch gets hit with new/exciting information all the time, and it’s time for us to share that info with you. Also, we would like to hear/share your comments with us.

Expect to see posts about whale sightings, enviromental updates which could affect the marine wildlife, customer feedback on our trips and experiences, reports from our staff, technical information, etc.

We are also developing ideas like posting video, so you can see what we see on our trips. Basically, it is our intention to throw out information and posts to help you make the decision to take a trip to view the world’s largest mammals surfacing, feeding, and breaching in the important feeding areas of Stellwagen Bank and Jeffreys Ledge. A True Experience You Will Never Forget!

There are no other whale watching tours on the Massachusetts coast quite like ours!