Sept 5, 2017

September 5th, 2017

Beautiful whale watch today! We found a huge fin whale (ID’ed as #0932) and ocean sunfish (scientific name is Mola mola- a fish so nice, they named it twice

They were just off of Thatcher Island- only 30 minutes off of our dock. We continued on to find at least a dozen humpback whales and a minke whale still not far from Gloucester. Spoon (aka Bilbo) was hanging out with Longboard and Tear, while Shuffleboard was with Patches, and several other humpbacks were in the mix as well! Awesome day with blows all around and whales close by!

Labor day Weekend!

August 31st, 2017

Lots of stuff happening in Gloucester this weekend!

33Rd Annual Gloucester Schooner festival

Schooner Fest 12 019

Celebrate Gloucester’s fishing heritage with a festival of Schooners! Come watch the Mayor’s Race and see some historic fishing schooners including: the Adventure, The Ardelle, The Thomas E Lannon, The Bald Eagle, The Green Dragon, the Sugar Babe, the Redbird, and the Lewis H Story.  Some other events include a clambake, a concert and a Parade of sail!  See the full list of events HERE

Capt. Bill’s Fireworks Cruise


Join Capt Bills for our annual Fireworks night cruise! We may also catch a glimpse of the Boat Parade of Lights!

Saturday Sept. 2nd @ 8 PM boarding @ 7:45 PM

Adults $20  Children $15

Reservations Recommended. Cash Snack Bar

Gloucester Block Party


Don’t miss the LAST block party of the Summer! This Friday Sept. 1st, Main street will come alive with outside restaurants and games and activities! For more info click HERE.

Tuesday, August 29

August 29th, 2017

Today we departed at 11:00 and headed north to Jeffrey Ledge. Although we were never actually on the Ledge itself, we found lots of fun activity. A huge fin whale was seen just off of Gloucester/Rockport. This was #0932, a whale first seen in 2009!


We passed by a few small pods of harbor porpoises before seeing a group of four humpback whales! These whales were pretty mellow but we did see a couple of tail flicks from Pinball (adoptable through Blue Ocean Society)!  Image00043

Jabiru (featured on Blue Ocean Society’s current shirts and sweatshirts) was with the group as was Spoon (some of you know her as Bilbo, but I can’t bear to say that over the PA system…) and Gunslinger.  Image00062Image00072Image00119

It was really cool to watch the group surface in nearly the same formation each time, though Gunslinger wasn’t always with the ladies. After watching this group for a bit, we headed home but just as we were leaving, a harbor seal pup surfaced close by! Image00130

Wonderful day with beautiful scenery of the north shore coastline!

August 22, 2017

August 22nd, 2017

From Naturalist Dianna:

This morning we found a big pile of humpback whales near the southern end of Stellwagen Bank. Venom, Nile, Cajun and her calf, Springboard and her calf, Infinity and more were all in the area, with Cajun’s calf being quite active!

This afternoon, the wind picked up as predicted but seas were still workable for whale watching. We saw a couple of trios, a few pairs, and many single humpback whales! One even breached right in front of us! Some of the same whales from the morning trip were seen, but Aerospace was spotted on this trip along with several more that I still need to identify!

August 19, 2017

August 22nd, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we traveled to the southwestern end of Stellwagen Bank. We started our trip with amazing looks at Cajun and Perseid traveling with their calves. Both of the calves surfaced right next to our boat. You could clearly see the whole whale beneath the surface, definitely once in a lifetime looks! We also watched Nile, Sprinkles, and Aerospace traveling together.

This afternoon the fog was rolling in down south. We spotted two single humpback whales that were taking long dives, spending a lot of time beneath the surface. Through the fog, we eventually found Nile, Sprinkles, and Aerospace. They surfaced right next to the boat and traveled right underneath us. We also saw Cajun and Perseid traveling with their calves.

August 18, 2017

August 22nd, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we traveled to the southern end of Stellwagen Bank, there we started our trip with two humpback whales, Timberline and UFO. Timberline came right over to the boat, tail breached off our bow, and hung right underneath our boat. Timberline turned over to get a better look at our boat, we could clearly see the whale’s eye! Close to boat behavior is one of the most amazing things to see out on the water. That would have been enough, but we moved into an area with another 12-15 whales. Three calves in the area, Cajun’s calf, Hancock’s calf, and Perseid’s calf were all tail breaching. The adults were deep feeding, one of the coming up filtering at the surface. We also saw Aerospace, Etch-a-Sketch, Eruption, and Venom. It was an incredible morning!

Aug 15, 2017

August 15th, 2017

From Naturalist Dianna:

This morning we traveled 32 miles to find a fantastic pile of humpback whales! We had a group of 5, a trio, a couple of pairs and some singletons all around the boat! You know it’s a great trip when the boat barely has to move to see whales!

This afternoon, we headed to the same area and found some of the same whales. For us as researchers, it’s really interesting to see which whales are hanging out together, and which is showing dominant behavior!  We ended our day with a full  breach from one of the calves and then repeated tail-breaches from another calf! Fantastic day!

Aug 14, 2017

August 15th, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we traveled far down on the southern end of Stellwagen Bank and found 6 different humpback whales. We started off with Ursa and her calf traveling with an unknown individual. Ursa was first sighted here in 1984, so she is at least 33 years old! The three stayed at the surface for over 20 minutes! We were able to get some amazing looks at the three whales right next to our boat. We spotted another single humpback whale and another mother, Reflection, and her calf. We stayed with the pair for a few minutes before heading back to Gloucester.

This afternoon, the whales we found 15 different humpback whales! They were all deep feeding. We spotted Tectonic, Piano, Milkweed, and Eruption to name a few. We watched as two pairs of whales joined to make a group of four right next to our boat. There was a whale flipper slapping in the area as well as a whale breaching off in the distance. It was a gorgeous afternoon out on the water!

Aug 13, 2017

August 15th, 2017

From Naturalist Beth:

This morning we found whales on the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. We started off the trip watching Pitcher feeding. She was blowing bubbles, we could even see her filtering out the saltwater on a few looks! There was another single humpback whale in the area feeding as well. We found a whale logging on the surface that quickly went down on a dive when we arrived. But surfaced again tail breaching! The whale tail breached, flipper slapped, and spent a lot of time belly up. We were even able to take photographs of this whale belly up and discovered that she is a female humpback whale. Female humpback whales have a hemispherical lobe on their underside down by their tails, a physical feature that is absent in males. It was a great morning out on the water.

This afternoon we found Glo-stick and her calf feeding on the southern end of Stellwagen Bank. It was amazing to watch this young calf practice feeding on fish. The calf has been reliant on Glo-stick’s milk throughout the summer but will start to feed on solid food towards the end of the season. Glo-stick was blowing bubbles to corral the fish, shortly after both she and her calf surfaced in the bubble cloud. We moved on to watch a trio of humpback whales including Samara. Both Samara and Glo-stick were born to the same female, Scylla, 11 years apart! The trio was traveling through the area. It was a perfect day for whale watching!

Aug 11, 2017

August 12th, 2017

From Naturalist Rebeca:

This morning we had a slow start and found a lone humpback whale IDed as Nuages! Nuages means clouds in French, for some white puffy spots on its fluke. Although it was by itself, the calm ocean conditions gave us some fantastic looks at the humpback. You could see its entire body right below the water surface.

The afternoon trip took us to the same area where 1 blow turned into 3! We have a trio made up of Salt, Columbia, and Fern! I had personally never seen Salt so it was an honor to see the first humpback ever named. What was interesting (and in a way funny) was that all these whales were seen for the first time in the 70’s and 80’s and all have lots of calves! It was just a couple of moms hanging out! They all have over 10 calves and Salt and Columbia both have grandkids too.

The trio stayed at the surface for a while, came close to the boat, and gave us beautiful looks at their flukes! It was a beautiful afternoon and we really enjoyed the company of these three humpbacks!