Aug 26

August 26th, 2016

What a great day!  It was so hot on the dock before we departed, but nice and cool offshore!  We also had nice, calm seas which made for great spotting conditions.

Not far out of the harbor, we saw two groups of harbor porpoises. This must have been a sign of the great things to come. We continued on and saw a couple minke whales, then a fin in the water. We thought it was a basking shark, which are fairly common, but it turned out to be a blue shark!

As we headed further south, we started seeing blows. Soon, there were humpbacks all around us! There were at least 8 whales in the area, but we spent most of our time with Echo and calf, who were very active. At one point, both even breached several times, within seconds of each other – not something you get to see every day!  Echo also did some flipper-slapping and both came close to the boat. They were joined by Perseid at one point.

Other whales in the area included Hancock, Cajun, and a few other whales we haven’t yet identified!  We also had some great looks at a harbor seal pup that was swimming around the boat!

Aug 25

August 25th, 2016

Another great day out on the water today! The morning trip we started off with an unidentified humpback whale diving right next to the boat. It looked a little small so it might of been a calf whose mother was in the area. After this calf seemed to have disappeared, we made our way to 3 blows in the distance. These belonged to the trio of Cajun, Jabiru and Pele, also humpback whales.

This trio has been spotted together several times, although coincidentally Jabiru has been spotted north on Jeffrey’s Ledge just yesterday! I guess she made her way back to her friends over night. This trio was probably feeding and not spending a lot of time at the surface. After the trio we were with A-Plus, out 5th humpback whale. A-Plus’ whale is really cool, since it’s clearly marked with an “A+”. We had a 6th humpback surface quickly but we never got an ID.

The afternoon featured a lot of the same whales, including our Trio and A-Plus. We did however also get treated to a breach by Jabiru right off our bow! Before that we spent quite a while with an unidentified humpback whale who was open mouth surface feeding and bubble feeding! It’s always a treat to see feeding at the surface since usually it happens below. There was also another two humpback whales in the area we got to watch for a little bit.

It started getting choppy while on whales but it smoothed out on our ride back in. Overall, a great whale watching day!

August 24

August 24th, 2016

Whales continue to abound today! We identified 5 humpback whales on each trip today, and saw more whales on the periphery!  Amazingly, with all of the whales around, we saw the same individuals on both trips.  UFO was the furthest to the north and surfaced close to the boat several times. A+ (yes, that’s the whales’ name) was blowing bubble clouds and surfacing in them consistently, and then a trio was charging all over, but surfacing right alongside our boat occasionally! These were Cajun, Pele and Crisscross! Very cool to see 3 humpbacks swimming in sync!

This just in…..we identified another whale from the morning trip- Orbit!! It was off in the distance but we got a quick shot of the flukes- enough to ID it!

August 23

August 23rd, 2016

We stayed dock-side this morning to let yesterday’s rough seas simmer down a bit. Our gamble paid off with calm seas and 4 humpback whales!  The first, named Cirrus, was bubble feeding and surfacing repeatedly close to the boat! Then we came upon Cajun and Pele, the dynamic duo who have been hanging out together for several weeks now. Finally, we ended with UFO, a humpback whale recently named!

Aug 21

August 22nd, 2016

This morning we decided to take a gamble and it was well worth it! We knew there were only a couple whales on the NW corner of Stellwagen Bank (along with 3 other whale watch boats), so we decided to continue south to see what we could find. Just south of mid bank we found about 15 humpback whales! The whales were traveling and deep feeding, we had a couple groups come up right next to the boat. We watched Perseid, Crisscross, Aerospace, and A Plus closely to start off the trip. A whale in the area started breaching and flipper slapping, we ended up watching this whale breach for almost 30 minutes! We got some amazing looks, but unfortunately, I was unable to identify this whale. We were never lucky enough to see its fluke, but what an amazing whale. Going the extra few miles was definitely worth it this morning!

This afternoon we decided to head to the same spot down south. There were a few whales in the area, but they were moving around erratically. The same whale from this morning’s trip began breaching and flipper slapping again for almost 20 minutes this afternoon! So rare to see consistent surface activity on both trips today! It was an amazing day out on the water!

Aug 22

August 22nd, 2016

The rough seas didn’t scare us off today, which was a great thing since we had such an awesome trip out there!

We got to spend time with a humpback whale. It got really close to the boat a few times and we got wonderful looks at it! It did a couple of flukes before it got a little lazy and stayed fluking very low. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an ID yet. So who this whale might be remains a mystery for now!

We then got the chance to see something I had never seen before- a breaching Minke! It breached a few times in the distance and then we got one breach while we were on it. It disappeared after the breach so we moved on to a few blows that were near by. The winds were picking up and we were unable to stop on the whale for long but we did get some looks at one of them and again as we started heading for home.

Although the ride back was a little bumpy and wet it was still a great day out there!

Aug 20- 2:00 trip

August 21st, 2016

Lovely afternoon on Stellwagen Bank, it was a bit windy but it was welcomed to help escape the heat on land. This afternoon we spent time with three individual humpback whales, Draco, Lutris, and UFO. Draco was doing some deep feeding and we got to see a bubble cloud, and Lutris was feeding as well as he came up mouth first at one point, ventral pleats expanded! Lutris and UFO were hanging out together for a bit but kept separating after a few minutes. UFO approached us very closely several times – just as I was telling passengers to be on the lookout all around because we never know where exactly these wild animals will resurface, UFO decided he/she wanted to surface RIGHT off our starboard bow! Wow! Great looks today at our beautiful whale friends.

Aug 20- 9:00 trip

August 20th, 2016

This morning the whales were scattered around on the NW corner of Stellwagen Bank. We stopped to watch UFO surface close to the boat. UFO was logging and swimming just beneath the surface, we were able to get great close looks. We moved on to an unidentified juvenile humpback whale that was breaching and flipper slapping. After some surface activity, the whale started to filter feed. We saw some great whale behaviors from this individual. We took a ride in the area, but came back to the corner to watch UFO traveling with another individual (no photo) and ended the trip with Draco filtered feeding. Great morning trip!

Aug 19

August 20th, 2016

AM: We had a great morning out on Stellwagen Bank with UFO traveling. We also got quick looks at Lutris in the area. We moved on to watch Cajun, Pele, and Perseid deep feeding. Draco attempted to join the trio, but after some trumpeting from Cajun, Draco surfaced away from the group. Lots of birds and a few minke whales out there too!

PM: This afternoon we watched UFO and Lutris traveling together to start off the trip. This pair was feeding and coming up right next to the boat. Komodo was also traveling through the area. We moved on to watch Cajun, Perseid, Pele, and Crisscross traveling and deep feeding together. The whales came up so close to the boat that we were all showered in whale breath! Amazing afternoon!

Aug 18

August 20th, 2016


Gorgeous morning on the water! We went to Stellwagen Bank and spotted 4 singles milling around the area. The whales were staying down on longer dives. We started off with looks at Lutris, he was staying down on longer dives. We traveled about 1/4 mile to watch Cajun, Pele, and Perseid traveling together. We got some amazing close looks, all three whales swimming right under our boat. Lutris moved into the area as well, never joined the group, but came up right next to us with his mouth open. We also spotted two unidentified juveniles logging to end the trip. There were about 4 other whales in the area as well. Great trip!


The afternoon we started off with UFO filtering next to the boat. We watched Cajun, Pele, and Perseid deep feeding. From about 1/2 mile we saw two whales double breaching, we decided to leave the trio to watch the breaching pair. They started logging as we approached, it turned out to be the same two unidentified juveniles from this morning. We ended the trip on the trio and watched UFO and Lutris join up together before leaving the area. Nice afternoon!