The most complex form of whale song is produced by the humpback, though other whales produce song too. Considered a mating call of the males during breeding season, these sounds and other non-song sounds produced by baleen whales have been studied more extensively in breeding areas to the south where whales go during the winter months.

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Only recently have advances in technology and understanding shown that the complex humpback mating call is still being sounded in the early months of the feeding season. Efforts by researchers at the Whale Center of New England and other centers are continually resulting in new data that updates our understanding of these marine mammals.

Ongoing interest is not confined to researchers and biologists. Even those very small "scientists" who climb board the Miss Cape Ann charter cruises (New England natives and young "researchers" from around the globe) set to exploring rather quickly as we enter the feeding grounds and begin sighting whales and other marine mammals. It's one reason we're so glad to be in the business. We're honored to be part of educating tomorrow's marine biologists and others who will expand our understanding of whales even further.

Which brings us to a tip for parents who are planning to take their children on one of our 3 to 4 hour charter cruises in New England: We encourage you to expose your child to some basic whale facts in preparation for the big adventure by exploring our Image Gallery. When your son or daughter selects an image, it will enlarge and a caption will appear beneath it. Youngsters able to read well enough can explore these images independently, while younger ones will enjoy a "tour" with someone else providing the narration. We also encourage you and your family members to view the video clips and perhaps even explore further with some of the Web Links.

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Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
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