Here in Gloucester, we are committed to the education and research that furthers protection and stewardship of all marine life. After all, the historical and natural riches on our shores and in the Bay comprise the foundational attraction that Cape Ann tourism is built upon. So, taking a holiday with us is much more than entertainment. Many who visit develop a fascination for marine mammals and the eco system within which they live. Capt. Bill and Sons fosters this inspiration, acting an integral part of a network of conservationists.

Of course, many of our guests interested in whale watching in Gloucester, Massachusetts aren't sailing with us to do scientific study. For some, it's purely a thrill and inspiration to see these majestic mammals up close.

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Copepods, Whale Watching - Gloucester, Massachusetts

When sand lance productivity is low, humpbacks may venture elsewhere to feed, but Stellwagen Bank or Jeffreys Ledge is still an excellent place for whale watching in MA. With each new season, whale watching in Gloucester, Massachusetts includes a varying number of humpback whale sightings. Even during those rare warm months when humpbacks are feeding in other areas offshore or further north, other less commonly spotted species may be seen swimming the waters of Stellwagen in greater numbers. For example, when the sand lances are scarcer, other whales, like the sei whale, may be more abundant, since fewer sand lances can mean more planktonic copepods, a favorite food of this species.

Read on to learn more about copepods. Or you can contact our office to purchase tickets in advance for a Massachusetts whale watching trip. You'll be able to chat about this and other topics with one of the naturalists or crew members when you set sail with Capt. Bill and Sons this season. Come find out what's happening in the world of whales and other marine life along Stellwagen Bank or Jeffreys Ledge.

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Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
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