Welcome to Capt. Bill and Sons, where educational, exciting tours are scheduled to depart from Gloucester, MA on a daily basis, during whale watching season. Book your tour today and get up close and personal with wild ocean life. You値l see dolphins, marine birds, bluefin tuna, basking sharks and other marine animals with Capt. Bill and Sons, located northeast of Boston. Tours provide guaranteed exposure to many fascinating creatures that travel many miles of ocean in search of feeding areas.

While a New England whale watch comes with no guarantee of seeing particular species容ven with all of our years of experience, we can稚 predict or control Mother Nature謡e do experience whale sightings on 99% of our tours, so chances are excellent that you値l get a glimpse of whales.

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Northeast of Boston: Tours that Teach

One thing you can absolutely count on with Capt. Bill and Sons: new knowledge relayed to you in a friendly, relaxed and entertaining manner by the captain and our on-board naturalists. The lead naturalist on board also happens to be the executive director of The Whale Center of New England, based near the New England whale watch provider. This non-profit organization seeks to further a greater understanding of marine mammals that depend on the New England ecosystems. The Whale Center of New England has also played a key role in critical measures to protect whales, dolphins, basking sharks and other marine life.

Whether you come to us from the West Coast or Boston, tours on the Miss Cape Ann are set up to make you feel right at home. So be prepared to enjoy a chat with our staff and crew. You値l definitely come away with a better understanding of whales and much more. Another thing to be ready for is great photo ops, so remember to bring along your camera!

To get some idea of what to expect when you sail with us, please visit the Image Gallery, where you値l find many pictures taken on our whale watch trips.

Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch
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Sightings Guaranteed. Adjacent to the Visitor Center of New England.
Video clips from "The Humpback: New England’s Spectacular Whale"     © The Whale Center of New England