We're proud to have been an important part of the process when efforts were being made to designate Stellwagen Bank a National Marine Sanctuary in the early 90s, and we're glad when individuals contact us today. It gives us a chance to differentiate ourselves from other whale watch companies in the area.

When we're asked, for example, about what is involved in a Capt. Bill and Sons whale watching trip, we are glad to be able to point to so much more than the size of our boat or types of amenities. While we do provide a state-of-the-art sailing vessel and everything our guests need during trips, we're known for offering much more.

There's a good reason we were asked to coordinate efforts with The Whale Center of New England. Whale watch protocol with Capt. Bill and Sons has been recognized for providing solid, educational and fulfilling watching experiences while maintaining our commitment the well-being of the whales, dolphins and other marine life. Just by browsing the resources of the Whale Center of New England, you will gain an appreciation for the caliber of resources on board every whale watch. Atlantic Ocean marine life is studied by scientists who then lend their expertise to our "junior researchers." It's a unique and exciting opportunity to access current understanding of marine life, and it's available on board the Miss Cape Ann.

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Contact Us

Call our toll free number or send an email. Let us know when you'd like to come whale watching in New England and we'll be happy to help you make the proper arrangements. Looking for a discount? Ask us about our free raffle ticket offer, take advantage of the $5 discount when you show us a Capt. Bill and Sons print ad, or find out about the special rates available throughout the season for seniors or for class field trips. We'll also honor discount offers from competitive local Atlantic whale watch providers.

Fun! Whale Watch, Atlantic Ocean

Of course, one big reason that so many families, students, corporate groups and individuals board the Miss Cape Ann is that it's fun! What could be better than to take a right turn from the everyday routine and expectations of your life and instead enter a completely different world, to venture out into waters of the Massachusetts Bay to see up close and personal, the meanderings and antics of whales, dolphins and other marine life.

Going on a New England whale watch with Capt. Bill and Sons is like traveling to another country. After all, once you have left "terra firma," and have been whisked out to where the whales are reported to be, you'll probably find yourself shifting your focus from the mental list of things you must accomplish and instead focus on the whale watch. Atlantic Ocean inhabitants will breach, blow, spyhop, dive, fin slap, tail slap, bubble net feed and more, if you're lucky, as you become immersed in the transcendent world of cetacean life.

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Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
Whale Watch Excursions in Boston
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